Melissa Segura photo

Melissa Segura

Innocence Network Journalism Award Winner

Melissa Segura is an investigative reporter with BuzzFeed News. Her reporting focuses on the intersection of justice, class and race. In 2017, BuzzFeed News published her landmark investigation detailing how a group of predominantly working class, Latina women from Chicago uncovered evidence suggesting a police detective framed at least 51 of their sons, brothers, or husbands. Her series, “Broken Justice in Chicago,” has helped lead to the exoneration of 10 men who had each spent decades behind bars. In 2018, the series earned her the George Polk Award in Journalism for local reporting and recognition as a finalist for Harvard's Goldsmith Award. She is currently an Emerson Fellow at New America, where she is expanding her investigation into Chicago's justice system into a book. Before BuzzFeed News, Segura was a staff writer for Sports Illustrated. She received her B.A. in Spanish studies and communication from Santa Clara University, where she once worked on a sociology project with Atlanta Hawks Head Coach Lloyd Pierce, who is also speaking at the conference.