Leroy and Gwen Harris photo

Leroy and Gwen Harris

Leroy Harris was convicted in 1989 of a crime that occurred in 1983 in Connecticut, based on identifications made for the first time in court six years after the crime, and despite the fact that the victims did not select his photo in arrays shortly after the crime. The Connecticut Supreme Court recently held such identifications inadmissible. At trial, the prosecution failed to disclose Brady and fabricated testimony. Despite evidence of his innocence and egregious trial errors, the state refused to vacate. Facing lengthy litigation, Leroy accepted an Alford plea and returned home to his family two days before Thanksgiving 2017. Committed to helping others, Leroy founded a non-profit while incarcerated and is eager continue that philanthropic work and to find employment in the culinary arts. Leroy and Gwen met when she was 18 and he was 17. They got married after he came home from prison in 2017.