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Greg Hampikian

Dr. Greg Hampikian is Professor of Biology and Criminal Justice at Boise State University (BSU) and Director of the Idaho Innocence Project. His TedX talk, “Forensic DNA Mix-Ups” is on YouTube. His New York Times Op-eds include "The Dangers of DNA Testing,” "When May I Shoot a Student?," and “Men, Who Needs Them?" His book Exit to Freedom chronicles Calvin Jonson’s 17-year fight to prove his innocence using DNA. Greg has held positions at Yale School of Medicine, the Worcester Foundation, Emory University, La Trobe University, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). He is best known as a DNA expert on innocence cases including Amanda Knox, Freddie Lawrence and Paul Jenkins (with Montana Innocence Project), Christopher Tapp, and Johnnie Lee Gates (with Georgia Innocence Project and Southern Center).