Re-trying an Innocence Case - Strategies for Success

Location: Savannah C
Date: Fri, April 12
Time: 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

This practical session shares strategies for freeing clients when the prosecution plans to re-try the client. It will discuss assembling a trial team, identifying the most likely way to resolution, and the goals of pre-trial litigation. We will explore common themes in re-trying old cases, including strategies for litigating admissibility of prior witness testimony, re-opening prior admissibility rulings, litigating discovery in cases where Brady was a ground for relief from the original conviction, and getting the charging instrument quashed. The panelists include two veteran civil rights/criminal defense attorneys who have successfully represented many clients in getting and winning high profile re-trials, often in racially charged cases in the south. They discuss the importance of pre-trial litigation as a way to raise awareness of issues of racial discrimination and inequities in the criminal justice system. 

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