Psychological Resilience: Managing Stress For Innocence Organization Staffers

Location: Peachtree Room
Date: Fri, April 12
Time: 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Those fighting for the wrongfully convicted often suffer from great job stress or even secondary trauma. The pain of seeing freedom taken away from innocent people, of supporting the loved ones of those who have lost their freedom, and of constantly fighting a resistant system can be demoralizing and take a toll on mental health. In 2018, the Mayerson Foundation awarded a grant to the Ohio Innocence Project (OIP) to study the psychological impact of these factors among the attorneys of OIP, and to begin ongoing psychological counseling to help them deal with the trauma of their jobs. The plan was to uncover coping mechanisms and to develop protocols that could be utilized Network wide. In this panel, Dr. Donna Mayerson and members of the OIP will discuss their attempts at healing, the insights they have developed, and what others in the movement can learn from their efforts thus far.