In Pursuit of Just, Real Science: Deconstructing and Confronting Forensic Science in Our Casework

Location: Savannah A
Date: Fri, April 12
Time: 11:15 AM - 12:30 PM

As innocence lawyers and litigators, we recognize the power of science as well as the destruction caused by flawed forensics. We vigilantly explore the forensic disciplines. We investigate and litigate with an eye toward just, real science. But, rarely (if ever) do we take a step back and ask: how do we learn the science so we ensure it will be effectively presented or confronted in our cases. In this session, that question will be answered; principles of meta- and accelerated-learning are introduced and applied through a 7-step method to deconstructing any forensic discipline. Join Lauren McLane (Rocky Mountain Innocence Center and University of Wyoming College of Law) and Janis Puracal (of the newly created Forensic Justice 

Deconstructing & Confronting Forensic Science

Just, Real Science_Deconstructing & Confronting Forensic Science PPT