Forensic Strategies from Forensic Scientists

Location: Savannah A
Date: Sat, April 13
Time: 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

The landscape of forensic science litigation is becoming increasingly more complicated as investments in research and technology generate advances in forensic science. Accordingly, simplistic defense arguments of the past are no longer effective and attorneys litigating forensic evidence will need to develop a more complex and nuanced forensic strategy. This session will feature seasoned forensic experts who will discuss (1) identifying useful case law, decisions, and strategies for litigating and reviewing forensic cases with pattern evidence using fingerprint examples, (2) leveraging advances in footwear research to facilitate new evidence claims, and (3) an overview of emerging and groundbreaking DNA technologies (probabilistic genotyping, genetic genealogy, and NextGen Sequencing). This session will provide attendees with insight on litigation strategies, discovery language, and identifying red flags when assessing forensic pattern evidence and insights on the application of new DNA.