Case Study in Intake Development and Improvement: Perspectives from Florida

Location: Piedmont 1
Date: Sat, April 13
Time: 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

The goals of an intake department are to prioritize the strongest cases, collect the most complete and accurate information from applicants, quickly and easily access case documents that supplement decision-making, and accurately, systematically, and reliably track that decision-making. This session will dissect the development of Innocence Project of Florida’s intake department as we evolved from a one-person to a three-person department, implemented a triage system, revised our questionnaire, and began quantitative data tracking to analyze intake goals. Topics will include how to choose and use a case management system, how to analyze your questionnaire for shortfalls, how to deal with literacy and language barriers, how to triage and set priorities, and how to effectively use help from volunteers to reduce backlog.